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Unloaded Barrel Start Par Time


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On 8/21/2021 at 9:04 PM, rougeqc21 said:

What's a strong target par for an unloaded barrel start to first shot for CO/Prod?


First shot to what?  Wide open target at 3 yds, or a partial with a NS at 20?


Shouldn't the par time be to a loaded gun with one in the chamber?  Because that's what measures how good you are at getting a pistol ready to shoot from the specified start condition.

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You are getting lost in the weeds...

At many/most major matches, there will be at least one stage that will test a specific skill, in this case an "draw" from a position other than "loaded and holstered, wrists below belt."


These include but are not limited to:

wrists above shoulders

facing uprange

unloaded from belt

loaded on barrel 

unloaded on barrel, load from belt

unloaded on barrel with mags on barrel


Of course, the time to first shot will be dependent on the distance/difficulty of the target but the bottom line is that you need to develop the mechanics of these unconventional starts so you don't give away points unnecessarily.  


Other than surrender, I can't honestly say I practice these much except if I read the matchbook of an upcoming major. Then, I will do a bit of dry fire to refresh the skill.

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