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Received My X300-like Device


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The long awaited package from China arrived today.  It contained a light that looks a lot like a famous brand weapon light.  


Okay, no momentary position on the switch, but the light is bright, which is critical for CO needs.  Ahem.


The light would not snap on to M&P's rail and lock as received.   The trigger guard interfered with the light.   So, being a graduate of JimBob's Internet School of Dremelology, I hit the light with the Dremel fitted with a sanding drum.   (This is where a $30 light gives much piece of mind during this delicate procedure.)  I removed some material from the battery cover on the rear of the light with the precision that only a Dremel can provide.  


After a few minutes of that plus a little work with a sanding stick, I got the light to lock onto the rail.   


I haven't fired it yet, but I'm confident the light will stand up to the high speed requirements that a C Class shooter demands. 

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40 minutes ago, jpeters11 said:

What happens when the light’s internals fail and it no longer works? Would it then be considered a frame weight and bump you into open? 

Things to think about 

This is simply an experiment to see if a light is warranted and/or useful for this game.  


I have several really good Surefire handhelds for use outside of the gaming arena where reliability is far more crucial.  

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Yep as long as it does not create a safety issue then for someone competing for fun / rec it's only a game.   Not sure how they would handle a WML that was functional at the start of a course of fire and failed during.  Got figure at some point someone's light has had to go out at a match during a course of fire.  I would think you would have to remove it before the next stage if you were not put into open but not sure.

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