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Which Limbsaver AirTech Will Fit my M1 Standard Black Stock??

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Hey all.  

I need to reduce felt recoil and have found many great reviews on the Limbsaver AirTech model.  
I went and looked up on the website the template for the AirTech. The Benelli models all take #10810.  I get the template and try to match it.  The screw holes on the inside of the stock are almost at the very end of each side.  The template is not like this.  
I’m wondering whether or not the AirTech will work on my M1 at all.  I have read a few reviews that said they couldn’t get the AirTech #10810 to fit at all.  I think they were trying to fit it to the HK branded M1.  Mine is a BENELLI branded shotgun. 

So can you all verify what AirTech pad will fit on my M1?  Will this #10810 fit my Benelli M1 or am I just out of luck in finding a recoil pad that will eliminate some of the harsh felt recoil?


Thank you all for any help you can give to me.  Have a good week. 

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