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Question, what caused this?


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When the cylinder is open and you are loading it, too much pressure on the cylinder and it wants to come out. The yoke screw is what is holding it in place and is being hammered back and forth causing that dimple. It also will happen if the yoke screw is a bit loose. This is one reason that I like to reload strong hand and not weak hand. The newer yoke screws are spring loaded on the tip to save $ on fitting and assembly back at the mother ship. The older ones were solid and fit better with no movement and you didn't see this happening as much back then.

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On 8/3/2021 at 10:38 PM, SSGGlock said:

So what’s the fix?


Send it to Protocall and have it welded. That's what I did when my crane broke the same way and dumped the cylinder out of the gun, lol.


I still reload weak-handed but I try to be a little gentler on the opening and closing. Mostly, I just make sure my crane screw is tight. Some people will also replace the spring-loaded screw with an old-style solid one that's been filed to fit.

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