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Issue with Shadow 2 Orange double alpha insert.


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I just purchased a double alpha insert for my shadow 2 orange. I am having a strange issue with it. As soon as I put the insert block in the holster, I cannot get the gun to go into the block. If I take the insert out the holster, the gun fits perfectly in the block. I even put the gun in the insert block and while it was locked in the block, I then inserted the block into the holster and screwed it down. Once I did this, I could not get the gun to remove out of the block/holster, no matter what. Even if I move the little hex screw up and down the back or try to disengage the safety, it would not let go of the gun until I completely remove the insert out of the holster. This is my fourth insert that I have purchased. I have not had a problem with any of the other gun inserts in the past. Has anyone gone through this issue before?

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55 minutes ago, HOGRIDER said:

This guy has always been helpful with DAA products:


Josh Lentz
Sales & Technical Support
Alpha Dynamics USA

2908 Betz Court
Orefield, PA 18069
Tel: (610) 366-9752

Thanks! I appreciate it.

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Due to the manufacturing variances in Shadow 2 frame/trigger guards some fitting is often required on the insert. I had to open mine up slightly for one of my first Shadow 2s, even though it was part of a consecutive set CZ sent me. One was tight and one was perfect in the insert. I ended up with one a tiny bit loose and one perfect after fitting. Since then my next bunch have been mostly perfect with the new Optic Ready being the best fit so far. 

From the sounds of it you just need to watch Saul's video (on the DAA website) on how to fit the insert. 

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