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Anyone using Limcat mag release

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I got one of them for my daughter’s 2011 since she has a hard time rewatching the stock mag release button.  Upon receiving it I am realizing I may have to drill and tap the button to instill it?  Does that sound right?  TIA.


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If your mag release doesn't have the hole, you will have to drill and tap the hole. I recommend purchasing a mag release that already has the proper sized/tapped hole, it will probably be less frustrating and cheaper than doing it yourself. The mag releases are very hard, and the very small taps break exceptionally easily. Nothing short of an EDM machine will get the broken drill/tap out, I have an example or two laying around.

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I use the Dawson Precision extended drilled and tapped 4-40 with a similar magazine release button. I once tried tapping my own; no way! Spent way more on broken drill bits and taps than buying the tapped magazine release. Never did get it tapped.

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