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Trying something new

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When I shoot with lesser skilled shooters, I shoot "my" match. I shoot relaxed, feel good, and do pretty ok. 


When I shoot with better shooters, I get a little distracted, I shoot "tight" and make mistakes and earn penalties.  I did, today, find a better way to break down a stage, based completely on watching a better shooter's stage analysis. 


NOT a new shooter, but still very new to Open and still mightily struggling with Open. 


Should I continue shooting with tight with better shooters, or shoot loose with lesser skilled shooters. 



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Shooting with better shooters is obviously better. You're not going to learn from lower skilled squadmates. 

Whatever feelings or reactions you have to shooting with the better people is on you. Whatever you have to tell yourself to get yourself to relax can help. 


In the past it has helped me to think of it like "we" are out here to kick this match's ass when I get squadded with a top guy or something like that. I'm not out there to shoot against him necessarily. We are both there to crush everyone else. 

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On 7/18/2021 at 2:53 PM, konkapot said:

Should I continue shooting with tight with better shooters, or shoot loose with lesser skilled shooters. 


Not sure that is the correct question.  I think most would agree that the actual question should be "How do I shoot to 95% of my ability every time regardless of who is in my squad?"


I recently asked myself a similar question after being on squads with predominantly recreational shooters (at least their skill sets would indicate that level of shooter) for a couple of major matches.  I reviewed my training notes and from those notes recalled the following.  You cannot control who "shows up" or who you are "shooting with".  You have to learn to shoot to the "best of your abilities" in any condition.  You should push past your abilities or faster than you can shoot in training to see where the wheels fall off, then shoot 95% of you ability at major matches (and/or locals if those are you majors) to maintain consistency regardless of who your squad mates are.  It should not matter how anyone else shoots and should have zero bearing on how you shoot.  This is part of the game.  Learn how to shoot "your" match consistently to your current skill level every time.  I think it seems to be one of the hardest skills to learn but, it is one of the most important.  I have also learned and observed from the guys competing at the top, once you have learned to do that then it is time to learn when you may need to push past that 95% on occasion to catch someone if you are close in the standings when it matters. 


I am still working on part A above.  I shot well for my skill level at those matches, but I felt I did leave some on the table in regards to match points in those major matches.  It felt a little too much like cruising.  I need to work on this mindset as mentioned above.  I intend to treat locals a little more like training than real matches.  Meaning, I kind of want to see the wheels fall off and see what that looks like in match conditions.  After all, who remembers what happens at locals?

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