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Rifle mount drills

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I was curious if anyone had a dryfire drill on coming up and getting a good sight picture. I’m newer to 3 gun and seem to take a lot of time just getting the rifle into the right presentation. If you guys have a YouTube video on the right way to practice it that would be awesome. 



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I use blue tape.  Cut out a square of tape about 1x1.  Put 1 or more on a wall 10-20 feet away.

Another option is a 3x5 index card blue taped to a wall 

or if you have space you can use a blank sheet of paper or buy a few regular cardboard targets such as are used at your matches and tape them to a wall or a fence in your yard.


then, practice different start positions:

  • Low ready
  • port arms
  • stock on belt, muzzle parallel to ground
  • etc

For each start position, mount the gun. Start slow then work up to speed.


pay attention to what you are seeing in the sights - watch your dot/reticle in relation to the target and you’ll be able to see where the dot is. Practice squeezing the trigger as soon as you see an acceptable sight picture.  


In my opinion, the visual aspect of this practice is just as important as the movement. You want to train your eyes to see through the sights to the target and then squeeze the trigger when the sights are good enough.  For a big target at 5 yards you want to train to a point-and-shoot speed - you won’t even aim.  For a 1x1 dot at 15 yards you’ll train to wait until the sights settle on the dot. 


For good youtube videos I like Frank Proctor’s channel. It’s not 3gun specific, but he teaches the principles very well.

Another good resource is https://www.andersonshooting.com - no videos, but the podcast teaches why you need to learn to see the sights + target and he covers “speed mode” for practice and “match mode”.  His views echo Brian Enos in this post: https://brianenos.com/thinking-shooting/.  Basically your practice is to develop the habits, then the match is to let go of conscious thought and let the machine take over for best performance. I know it’s A lot of zen, but the few times it has happened to me in a match where i don’t think about shooting, I’m just sort of watching the sights from outside, i end up winning stages.


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