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I'll never give up

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I'm not one to whine or complain, but since it can be done with a reasonable amount of anonymity...

my last two years:  carpel tunnel, trigger thumb, carpel tunnel on other hand, open heart surgery, plantar faciiatis, 8mm kidney stone blast, and then to top it off: a broken foot.

I'm getting older, so I understand that my competitive years are quickly dwindling.  I do hope to be pissing off the youngsters for another year or two.  I'm back at practicing hard to that end.  I haven't got myself on a timer just yet, but based on practice, my previous speed is not there.

When I get back to pistol matches, I'll evaluate my skill sets.  If they are not up to what I feel is a reasonable standard, I'll focus on PRS to feed my competitive spirit.  I can also offer value in helping teach at my local club.  Teaching has been extremely satisfying.  Seeing a student's groups get smaller and their speed increase puts a huge smile on my face, almost as big as theirs.

To all of you who are suffering health issues:  take the set back as a challenge and feed off of it.  Never ever give up.

I wish you all improved health.



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You have the correct attitude.  Been there, (doing) that.


73 1/2 years old, and in the past four years:

Plantar fasciatis surgery

Cataract surgery

Open heart surgery 

Double pneumonia

Spine surgery

Sleep apnea



Still shooting an average of six matches per month.


Against the wind, brother.


Against the wind.

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