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Do I have enough room for an offset mount?

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I also was running a C-More Slide Ride on my JP GMR-15 and wanted to put an offset mount on my rifle, but there was no room for it.  I ended up doing exactly what ChuckS did and it is working get for me.

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13 hours ago, Hershel_Van said:

holographic sight is better for astigmatism


From what you have read may be true for most but not everyone. My astigmatism still creates issues with the center dot on my Eotech.  Not as bad but it’s there.  I do not notice my astigmatism with the outer ring (donut) at all.  It is as crisp as a holographic sight gets.  With that said I pick up targets much faster and am more accurate with my Eotech than the 510c I use to run. Not sure why.  


For the OP, C-More slide rides take up a lot of space. You may need to run a different primary or move the C-More Forward.  I don’t think I have seen a PCC run a C-More and and offset together on PCCs come to think of it. 

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