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Black Dillon dies

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New at posting here. Long time Dillon 550 owner.  Just recently i purchased Dillon .223 dies off ebay and tge dies look good but they are black. I have never seen black Dillon dies. I belive maybe tgey were msase during the 450 era. They are not even stamped as dillons or for the caliber but other than that they look 100% Dillon.

Does anyone have any knowledge of the old style dies?  Just Curious. Also, how can i verify if carbide or steel? I am guessing they are steel

Thanks in advance

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1 minute ago, inspector710 said:

I thought SDB dies were unique to that press.

I believe the SDB dies are unique to that platform as Inspector710 as mentioned. These look like regular dies, just black and they fit the 550

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Wow  I bought ancient dies :) 

I started buying Dillon in the 90s so I was not aware of the 80s equipment.  I hope these are good.  Seems well taken care of.   Can’t tell if steel or carbide but I am assuming they are steel.  
not even sure why I bought them.  I have been using lee dies for .223 forever with no issues 

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I would bet if they are Dillon dies made in the 80's - you struck GOLD - Think about the quality of the materials that they used back then to make those dies....Great Find - Thanks for sharing....Mark

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