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How Does the Stoeger 3000 Compare to the Popular Shotguns Used in 3-Gun Games?

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Hey all. 

I’d like to get an idea about the Stoeger m3000 and how it compares to the Benellis and other shotguns you all see and compete with at the various gun games.


Is it as reliable when you use the light target bulk pack shells from Walmart  as others you’ve owned and used over the years?

I know there are quite a few that are swapping to the m3000.  I figure they are doing it for a good reason…the m3000 is a great option for those that can’t afford to go with the BIG BOYS that dominate the scene.  Is that the case or are they just trying the Stoeger m3000 out?


I assume there are aftermarket parts that make it easy to set it up for 3-gun or home defense type shooting.  Is that true?


Does the Stoeger m3000 handle recoil better than my Benelli m1s90 does?  I ask because if I can’t get my M1 where it is comfy to shoot, I just might have to start looking at other options and the m3000 would definitely be on the list. 

Are there any shortcomings that the m3000 has that prevent it from being a top performer?


Any info you can share about this, or other lower cost shotguns will be greatly appreciated. 

have a good week!


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The stoeger and benneli are both inertia operated guns. They should have a similar recoil feel. The stoeger is lower quality compared to the benneli. You'll usually find someone willing to let you test out their stoeger at a 3 gun match.


A race gun modified stoeger ($1000-1200) is going to cost less than half cost of a modified benneli ($2500-3000) Since you already own an M1, you aren't really upgrading to the m3000 except there may be more drop in upgrades. I don't know how much is compatible with the m1 / M2.  


If you do buy a stoeger, MOA precision does great work. 

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Nothing wrong with a race modified Stoeger. My son shoots a Benelli M2 built years ago by Hayes. Uses TTI spring kit to run low recoil slugs and rounds. Will run Win AA 1145 all day long. 100% reliable. It has the Comfort Tech stock which helps with the recoil some. But if you can get the right springs and get it down to low recoil rounds the recoil is not bad. My granddaughter shot one for years. 



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Don't overlook the franchi affinity 3, not much more in price but a lot closer in quality to an m2 and a lot of parts are direct swaps. MOA provides support and parts for the franchi as well.


I started with a borrowed m3k and when they couldn't be found a few years ago I scooped up the franchi based on some YouTube reviews. Most the people I shoot with wish they knew about it before they picked up their m3ks/m3000s. I paid about $600 for mine and another $200 in moa parts and the thing just runs. I shoot 3gun and sporting clays with it.

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