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Foxtrot Mike Fm9 recoil reduction upgrades?

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I don't think they are any different from other AR-9's in that regard, so the same parts that works in others, works fine in a FM9 as well.

I have a Kynshot (same as Blitzkrieg) RB 5015HD buffer in mine, and a 3G sports 6" comp (similar to the Brekke comp extension)

Each of them made a significant improvement. 

But I would like to get it to shoot even flatter, so I'm thinking of porting the barrel, and I'm also a little curious about a magnetic buffer...

I should add that I'm only shooting standard pistol ammo in mine.

With handloading I could probably get it to shoot much flatter as it is.


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To maximize flatness on a PCC you need to view it as a system. Each factor in the system will help some, together they can help alot. In order from most to least impact the factors are:


1. Load development. You really need to reload in order to maximize a PCC. 

2. Hydraulic buffer. There's many, kynshot/blitzkrieg is the best of the ones I tried. Which one you choose is dependant on the other factors.

3. Shortstroking. Maybe equal to the buffer, but they really go hand in hand anyway. 

4. Weight. Keep the front light for transitions, but having some weight in the rear settles the gun a good bit and moves the balance point rearward to help one handed movement. 

5. Compensator. Rifle style comps on 16" barrels don't do much at all. Pistol style comps on shorter barrels do help some. 


Or just buy one of Max Leograndis builds and call it a day. 

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2 minutes ago, Blockader said:

Or just buy one of Max Leograndis builds and call it a day.


This one.  I worked with Brekke and my 3 builds have been 100%.  I'm trying the 5020SS buffer next in the A5 tube.  Current buffer is the 5006 and JP 308 rifle spring.

Have fun!

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