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1911 Slide Delta Point Pro Milling Question

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I have a friend who wants me to mill his 1911 slide for a Delta Point, I know for open guns the mounts have 1 degree in them for the barrel in lockup does that need to be accounted for milled into the slide?

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Parallel to the top of the slide (and the transition from side to round or tri top is pretty close to in line with the barrel and probably what you actually want from both a alignment and aesthetic standpoint, milling one in flat to the rails on a 1911 would look like its pointing up.  Where you see the angled cuts showing up more is on CZ/Tanfoglio where the barrel is angled down in the slide but the top and bottom of the slide are parallel. 

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Just as a data point, I have 3 1911 slides that have MRD on them, and all 3 have required the 1 degree shim in order to be able to zero the dot closer to center of the adjustment.  The first one was a Factory Kimber with the Vortex, and I couldn't quite get it zeroed, so I sent an email to Vortex asking them - assuming it was the dot that was messed up.  Their response was to try the shim, and bob's your uncle it worked perfectly.  I have since gotten 2 more slides cut, and ended up shimming them too.  The two new ones both had enough vertical adjustment to zero, but they were within 1/2 turn of the max, and I have always heard that it is bad for scopes to be all the way at the end of their range of adjustment.

This is what I used:



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