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Accuracy. Single stage or turret

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I have a Dillion RL550B. Great for 9s and 45s. I also have an old Lee turret from my original reloading days. For accuracy I have been using the Lee as a single stage with Redding 6.5 Creedmoors. I do notice a slight minuscule bit of slop with the turret tho. I was looking for some unbiased opinions on whether a single stage might be more accurate. 

Also I do not wear glasses, but this idiotic I’m not a robot B.S. is enough to discourage anyone from posting. In fact I have given up in the past because of it.,

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I wear glasses. Simple answer to your question is maybe.

What are your expectations? I know several 1000 yard bench rest

Shooters. One uses a 550 to load all his ammo. 


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I think the issue is more about powder measuring for accuracy rather than dimensions. Think about it, once the ram is fully up the case head is bottomed out on the shell plate platform and any "slop" in the tool head is gone being fully and snugly pressed up against the "C" frame.


Anyway, I kept my RL450 because back then I "thought" the solid frame without a removable tool head might be more stable for accurate loads.


Making 100 carefully prepared cases and loaded .308's in the 550 and 100 on my Big Max (both using the same dies) were dimensionally identical and since I threw and weighed my charges individually for both presses there was zero difference in accuracy at 200 yards.   


Two hundred yards is the furthest I checked my loads, but with 5 rounds all in an inch group I had no problem accepting the 550's accuracy potential.






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I have been re-listening to a bunch of the podcasts from Brian Litz and Emil Praslick and if I remember correctly, the biggest thing they said to concentrate on, as it brings the biggest changes to velocity etc, is the powder charge. 

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Just a sidebar. Please note that Litz primarily focuses on long range and not 200 yards which is basically PBR where slight velocity variation does not play out as much yet.

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On 6/21/2021 at 8:50 AM, walterwalther said:

I have a Dillion RL550B. Great for 9s and 45s. I also have an old Lee turret from my original reloading days


First of all accuracy comes from a multitude of things the most important being consistency. Accurate ammo varies little between cartridges.


But we must define terms here, do you want to be "accurate" or "precise?" One is about scoring the other is shots going exactly where you expect.




The question really is this, what level of cartridge consistency are you willing to achieve and where are the diminishing returns?


If you want to see what a top long distance shooter does check out Erik Cortnia, 




Check out how he prepares his bullets and cases to hit a sub MOA 1,000 yard shot at .3"



So where does the press fit into this?

Bullet seating is huge and my 550 with a Forster die is just as precise as my single stage Lee. 

Now the 1050 running automated for pistol (or even loading 223 short range ammo) has a much higher SD.

Consistency with tight groups comes from a multitude of steps and this is why loading is a sport and hobby by itself.





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