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Do you stake your castle nut

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1 hour ago, bigdawgbeav said:

So you have had your PWS back off as well?  I looked at the Fortis, but at the time couldn't justify $55 at the time.  Although the PWS isn't that much less now that i look at it.  If it happens again, I'm going to look at the Fortis K2


Yes, my PWS has backed off as well.  More than once - at least half a dozen times. I'm also using their fluted buffer tube. 


Not that it matters, but I put this on the MBX PCC using the bolt that came with the PCC and the MBX buffer system.  It has happened with and without their short stroke kit as well.   Again, not that any of that matters...


I haven't really looked at the PWS castlenut and endplate to see if staking is a viable option.  Stands to reason it 'should' be but there needs to be a place to do it without dorking up the ratchet on the nut itself. 


Judging by the thread size and the size of the castle nut, wouldn't red locktite be okay to use?  I would never use red locktite on small fasteners with a tight thread pitch but this seems like a practical use case...



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Not currently. Have a smoke composites stock/tube and carbon endplate, so I don’t think staking that is an option. However. The lower is San tan tactical, where the takedown pin retaining pin/spring inserts from the bottom; it’s got a set screw and is covered by the pistol grip… and the SC buffer tube has a lip on it with a slot for the buffer retainer that prevents it from rotating more than a couple of mm either direction (if loose)… between the loctite, buffer retainer slot, relocated takedown pin retainer, and usage as a range/competition (maybe, eventually) toy, I figure it’s probably fine. 


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