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Login issue

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I am having an issue that just started today when trying to login via an iphone at https://forums.brianenos.com/login

it immediately redirects me to another brianenos page that appears to be in html? Something about invision community, invision power systems.  

Curious if anyone else is seeing this.  Once I am at that page I can backspace out everything after forums.brianenos.com and then get to the forum.  

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Maybe an old cached version, I think there was an update the other day, 


Shut down Safari App


Go into Settings / Safari / Advanced / Website Data 

Search for BrianEnos and delete that data


Try again 

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Posted (edited)

Did that and I still get that page but only on the original login.  If I don’t clear history and website data (cache) but close the page, open a new page and paste the link again there isn’t an issue.  There is if I clear cache and re paste though.  

Really confused here.  Perhaps it is time to use duck duck go or Firefox.  

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