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Canik not re-setting the striker.

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I just picked up a used Canik SFx a few weeks ago that has a re-set issue. The gun came with a Freedomsmith trigger installed.


The issue is that the striker will not re-set when racking the slide as your holding the trigger down.


The gun WILL re-set the striker “every time” when the slide is racked and the trigger is not being depressed. And, interestingly enough will re-set the striker while holding the trigger BUT ONLY if the slide is pulled back all the way to end of travel.


However, it will not re-set the striker is the trigger is being held and the slide racked to less than 90% of it’s rearward travel.


I though it might have been a spring issue so I did replace the existing springs with a new Galloway Precision Reduced Power spring kit, (blocker and trigger return).

This is not resolve the issue.

Anyone can give me a suggestion, would be appreciated.

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20 hours ago, himurax13 said:

Sound like you need to remove material from the front of the trigger to increase pre travel so that the trigger can reset.

The trigger resets, that's not the issue, the gun shoots.


The issue is that the striker is not resetting when you rack the slide while holding down the trigger. 


The striker ONLY resets if the slide is racked WITHOUT holding the trigger.

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I spoke with Freedomsmith about this, and they had the following response:


“ordinarily this is a plug and play installation. Unless there have been some type of modifications or damage done during installation. Such as lighter weight springs that might preclude proper reset. Or bending of the action bar during installation (common when using the non removal of action components method, which is never recommended). I will seek other opinions and perhaps someone has heard of”



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6 hours ago, pitvpr said:




Is the little spring on the inside of the striker lining?  


I don't know of that little spring missing would.cause this but it's worth checking. 


If it's there I'd check the trigger bar or "action bar" isn't bent.  Removing the little pin in the take down tab is probably the most difficult thing about removing the fire control parts. So, some people don't and might bend stuff unintentionally. I think that's what freedomsmith is referring to. 


The problem you face is, you might not the able to tell if it's bent. If you can't figure out what the issue is, you'll probably have to buy a new internal parts or seeing if you can get canik USA to take a look at it. 


It looks like you have an older one but the looks of that striker channel. 



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