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Case Inspection Question

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Hey all


I was inspecting most recent batch of brass, this batch is twice fired mixed 9mm brass. It was loaded with 4.1 gn of Hodgdon titegroup and a 115 gn x-treme fmj rn projectile with a coal of 1.130 and a post crimp case mouth measurement of .376"


I noticed a few of the brass specifically the aguila brass had a line all the way around the case a few thou below the case mouth. What would cause this? Over crimping? Also I am assuming these cases are now junk as they would provide a weak point in the brass







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1 hour ago, RudyVey said:

Yes, all the cases out of my Walther's look like this.


3 hours ago, jubi351 said:

Probably shot out of a Walther as they have a stepped chamber.

It was indeed a Walther PPQ I was taking for a test spin. Thanks guys 

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3 hours ago, Sandbagger123 said:

i think that is the aguila cannelure.   

It's not....all kinds of brass through my PPQ's showing this. Aguilla never gets in any of my guns, they go to the scrap yard.

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