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2011 built

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STI is junk.  SV doesn’t sell frames.  And I don’t think Jem makes 2011 frames.  CK frames are decent quality and a good deal for the price.  PT are probably the best quality and most consistent. 

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I've used a Cheely unramped frame and was impressed with the quality, when I was looking it was one of the few that you could order with no ramp, gunsmith fit.

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Posted (edited)

JEM does make a 2011 type receiver, $299.95.


An RIA frame will be of the PO design, different parts and magazine.


I have a .45 plain barrel 2011 assembled locally.  It is very finicky as to ammo, I have quit struggling and just give it roundnose at a bit shorter OAL than usual.  I think an integral ramp is better for the double stack center feed magazine.


ETA:  Looks like the OP has a barrel he wants to use, as I did.  Good luck. 

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