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JP GMR-15 14.5" barrel loads

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I've read a bunch of threads here on general PCC loads but was wondering if anyone has a tried/true load specific to *this* gun.  Read the article JP put out with the "modified" powder names but those loads seem hot to me (?).  


I have TG, 231, and 244 at my disposal and from what I've read and gathered from others, plan on using plated or jacketed 115s, with 3.5-3.9ish gr TG to start.  


In this time of primer scarcity, any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

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I have a GMR13 and for me the barrel seems a bit tighter than others I’ve used, and requires more powder for the same velocity.  That might explain JP’s powder recommendations.

I use 115 gr. plated bullets with 3.8 gr. of VV N320 with my Taccom  barrel. Jacketed bullets seem to require more powder.

The best thing to do is experiment with *your* gun, powder, and bullets and see what works for you.

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I have a load with 231 at 4.2 gr, 124 fmj rn from rmr at 1.125 oal. This works out to about 135 pf in my gun.

I don't shoot this currently, but it's a powder you have listed.

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