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C-More RTS2 shuts OFF every shot

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Damn, thought it was a low battery issue, nope. Did a prelim search on here and it seems quite common that the 2032 3V wafer battery loses contact, so people put a spacer in there.


I think I'll try stacking two 1.55V LR44 wafers to get the correct width and more juice.




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7 hours ago, Kema said:

Send it to warranty, common problem with these.

Common problem with the first generation. I have two V4’s and they work perfect. 
I believe Cmore will upgrade it if you send it in

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On 6/17/2021 at 6:35 PM, Chillywig said:

Isn't the V1 a slide ride? 🤣


LOL I know right, put the slide ride on my Mark IV.

My RTS2 was oldddd, now it's v5. Tested 50rd worked fine!

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15 hours ago, Chillywig said:

I am sure the new version will be fine for a long time. Kudos to c-more for really standing behind their products and supporting uspsa shooters 


So far so good! Took it for another spin yesterdayy, flawless

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