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I Decided To Upgrade My 617's Sights Myself


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I called my normal gunsmith to have him do the job but he said he didn't have the right size front sight and had no roll pins to mount the sight on a Smith & Wesson.  I did a search and no one had the roll pins until I searched Amazon.  They had a 25 pack at a reasonable price so I ordered them and ordered the punches I need from Brownell's.


The hardest part was pulling the OEM sight.  Even with light taps I managed to destroy 2 punches.  Luckily I have a bunch and found another that let me hit the pin to my content.  Now that it was out the search went on for a .300  front sight to go along with my LPA rear.  SDM Fabricators had what I needed.


Again, my gunsmith said he didn't have and couldn't get one that big.


I was a little hesitant about drilling but had the right pit, #54 and it went like a breeze even though I used a hand drill.  I gave my drill press to my son.  It did help to have the  right jig to put the gun in.


I used a roll pin punch and had no trouble with the install.  Unfortunately the previous owner had someone do a sight change and buggered the job.  I was able to get the pin in and then file down the extra with no trouble.





Completed in stand.jpg

Closeup of sight in jig.jpg

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It looks good. Amazing how bad the stock iron sights are. Clever use for that clamp. I didn’t even think of that as a jig. If I every drill mine I’ll be using it.


I decided to put a C-More red dot on it to match my S&W627. After I get a few hundred rounds through it I’ll do an action job and clean everything up. Got everything else except the Hogue Big Butt grips are on order.


Have to admit I wanted a 617 for a long time. Glad I had a friend give me the heads up when a local shop had one in stock and it was under MSRP.

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