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Mr Bulletfeeder double feeding

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I’ve set up the mr bulletfeeder according to their instructions and I am getting two bullets or more coming out at a time. I’m reloading 40 s&w and using Brass Monkey Bullets 182 gr coated bullets

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Get the bullet feed spring/tube as vertical as you can.  You want to minimize the amount of side loading on the body of die so that the insert is free to move up and down freely.   I tie wrapped the tube to the DIllon Powder measure on my 650 near the top of the powder measure hopper 


Adding weight to the sliding portion of the die can help too.  I wrapped some heavy lead solder around the plexiglass tube to add weight.  Many people put a spring on the die to help pull the sliding portion all the way down to the home position.   There are aftermarket kits to do this if you wish.  I haven''t had to do that.    


What is probably happening is the sliding portion of the die isn't returning to the full down position and allowing bullets to slip past the 3 ball bearings inside the die. 


I assume you've tried both the high and low setting for the 3 ball bearings in an attempt to fix this?  



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Side loading of the drop tube assembly has been the biggest issue I have had.  The spring systems and/or rubber band system works for this, but I just played with bullet feeder position on the case feeder hopper and figured out a position that prevented side loading of the dropper assembly. There seems to be a sweet spot between the length of the feed spring, angle of the feed spring from the bullet feeder to the dropper assembly.  The angle of the feed spring can be adjusted by moving the bullet feeder on the case feeder hopper.


I have also had where speed of bullets dropping from the feeder into the stack has also caused double feeding issues when I cut the feed spring too short. It was too much of a direct shot from the feeder to the dropper assembly would cause two bullets to drop.  


Like @NETim mentioned, check you have the 3 ball bearings in the correct orientation.  With that heavy of a bullet in 40 it may be long enough to warrant using the upper holes versus the lower holes for the bearings.  Not sure how long those are.  Maybe someone who loads 40 with that bullet weight can chime in.

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Posted (edited)

My feeder spring/tube is almost an "L" shape at the bend at the top of the powder hopper going down to the die.  I pushed a few coils of the spring feed tube past the tiewrap as well to ensure there was no upward pull from the feed tube on the die.   


As we all know, setting one of these up involves a fair amount of "seat of the pants" adjustments.   But once you're there, life is grand! :)


Good luck!

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