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Height over Bore - PCC

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So I just shot my second match in PCC. I shoot a B&T APC9 Pro SBR with a Trijicon MRO low mount using the ACR stock. Learned the height over bore lesson the hard way. 


I leaned left around a barrier, got a great sight picture on target 20 yards down range, and let three shots fly. I felt a little blow back around my support hand but kept rolling. After completing the string, I was shocked to hear three misses on that target. Went back and looked at the steel frame on the barrier and sure enough, three little dents right there.


So, shooting a 7 inch barrel compounded the issue, as I was able to get sight picture without actually having the barrel out from behind the barrier.


Luckily, I escaped with a terrible score and only a couple of little cuts in my hand. Could have been a lot worse!

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I had that happen the first time I shot my SBR scorpion. I couldnt figure out why I was getting mikes. Then I realized my barrel was behind the barrel stack...

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