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Knocking the rust off - 8 shots on 4 targets - Opinions on performance drawing from carry holster

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Some background - I've shot maybe 250 rounds from a pistol since October 2019 and I attended a defensive pistol class last week with my daughter as a refresher. It was all basic/intermediate level stuff.  Any where from contact - 15 yards, all draw and shoot: one or two shots center mass or a Mozambique, multiple shots with mag changes & slide lock reloads, failure drills with random dummy rounds mixed into your mags by the instructors, shooting from cover while squatting, kneeling, sitting, laying on your back or side, changing positions while behind cover, shooting while moving backwards, strong hand only with a light in your weak hand, mag changes while shooting with light, strong hand only at contact distance - all in all decent review considering I haven't practiced in a while.


So, at the end of the day they had a challenge stage set up - best time of two runs .... Starting with hands hanging naturally at your side, at the beep draw and engage four ~10 inch round plates with 2 shots each @ 15 yards and add second for each missed plate. The plates were ~36 inches apart and to make it more interesting the heights of the plates varied up/down by about 3 feet (L-R the heights were about  24", 55", 36", 18"). My second run of the two was 3.93 seconds with 8 hits. In general I felt that I did OK but also think I definitely could have been faster.  I took way to long to acquire my sight picture before breaking the she shot and could have transitioned a bit faster between plates. I was probably being too careful and dressing it up too much.


So did I do ok getting 8 hits on 4 targets at 15 yards in under 4 seconds from an old leather carry holster?

For reference I was shooting a Kimber Custom II .45 acp with 175 PF loads, the holster was a old leather OWB Bianchi Askins Avenger.



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No one has replied but I would say it is a decent time.  A good draw would be about 1 second, .2 second split on each double would be good for a .45 with no comp.  Add .5 for each transition and you're at 4 seconds. 

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