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Practiscore - Match results not connecting to match?

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I was iffy on whether or not this is a "registration" issue so please feel free to move if needed.


I ran a match last night and uploaded results when we were done. However, the match still shows in my "Upcoming Events" dashboard and not in "Results". The results are definitely uploaded - I could find them by searching under "Scores" and I've even claimed them for my club. I confirmed with another shooter and he's seeing the same thing.


I initially set the match up on PS then pulled it to my tablets using the Practiscore PIN. When we were done, I sync'd them and then uploaded using the option in the app on a tablet. Is there something I missed? I usually do this for the other match I help run and don't see this issue.

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Yep, happened here in Wa State. Shot a Match Sunday, results did not show up as of today (Mon.) on PS. But...the result did show up on my Samsung PS Competitor app. They'll get it worked out. 

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The Competitor app is not using that website dashboard. You can search your matches by your email, member#, competitor name, or just the match name... And then data is available for offline use and quick access. You can switch between matches you previously downloaded.

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