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2021 Legion 9/11 Memorial Run N Gun: Sept 11-12, Spencer, TN

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Remember - you will need eye and ear protection to shoot.  If you show up at a stage without either, you will not be allowed to shoot and will have to take a zero for that stage.  Many people carry extras, because $hit happens and you don't have to run back an extra mile to figure out where you dropped yours.  You don't have to wear it when you run if you don't want - but it is mandatory for shooting.


You'll also need a stopwatch of some kind to record your wait times if you have any.  If you show up at a stage and someone is already there shooting it, the RO will tell you to start your wait time.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to time this and track it accurately - the RO will NOT do it for you.  When it's your turn to shoot, the RO will ask for your wait time and it will be subtracted from your net run time.


While you are on wait time, you are NOT ALLOWED to eat, drink, sit, meditate, sleep, reload magazines, move gear around, or anything else that could give you an advantage over someone who does not have wait time.  It's supposed to simply be a "time out" to not penalize you for back-ups at shooting stages.  Just stand there and enjoy the brief rest that the guy in front of you probably didn't get.


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Stage 7 (10k only) is in honor of Chief Warrant Officer Jonathan Robert Farmer,  who was killed by a suicide bomber in the line of duty in Syria on January 16, 2019.


In this stage:  Intel has identified the HQ of the people who sent the suicide bomber.  Attack from a distance, taking out High Value Targets (HVTs) including the commander, officers, and bomb maker himself.  Protect yourself from enemy flanking maneuvers as needed.
- De Oppresso Liber -




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A correction on Jon's bio from his widow - it seems he had so many deployments they wouldn't all fit on the one page:

Jon had a total of 10 deployments, 7 combat deployment and 3 operational. He supported Operation Iraqi Freedom in October 2007 and January 2009; Operation New Dawn in August 2010; Operation Enduring Freedom January 2012 and January 2014; Operation Inherent Resolve November 2017 and November 2018 until his passing in January 2019.

She also notes that he was actually shot at more on the operational deployments than the combat.

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I am pleased to announce The Star Spangled Brewing Co. has signed on as a sponsor!  Not only will the owner be running the race with Staff on Friday, but they will be providing FREE BEER to all match finishers on Saturday (possibly Sunday if you 5k guys don't drink it all!) near the finish line. 


We must be clear here so we don't screw this up:  ONCE A BEER TOUCHES YOUR LIPS, YOU WILL NOT TOUCH A GUN FOR THE REST OF THE DAY.  And of course and always: don't drink and drive.  This is intended for competitors to relax and enjoy a beer or two after finishing their race and while they wait for everyone else to finish. Donations to the Special Forces Association, Chapter 38 are appreciated, and we'll make it easy for you to donate right when you pick up your free beer. 


Like them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/StarSpangledBrewingCo/) and check out their website at:  https://www.starspangledbrewingco.com/ - and be sure to thank them for supporting the match!


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I'm thrilled to announce that Spike's Tactical is returning yet again as a Title Sponsor this year, pledging three different rifles to the prize table with a total value well over $5,000.00.

Be sure to like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/spikestactical/, check out their website at https://www.spikestactical.com/, and tell them THANK YOU for sponsoring Legion!



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I'm pleased to announce Nightforce Optics has returned yet again as a sponsor, and sent two 50% off certificates and two certificates for their X-Treme Duty Unimount ($260.00 each).  It's hard to put a value on these as it depends on what you buy - but these prizes combined could be worth well over $4,000.00.


Be sure to "like" NF's facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/NightforceOptics/) and check out their website at:  https://www.nightforceoptics.com/ for any optic needs you might have.  And don't by shy about asking Sean Murphy's advice - he's the Nightforce guru and always happy to talk optics, and will be with us all weekend long!


Be sure to thank both Sean and Nightforce for sponsoring the match.  It really makes a difference!



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Dead Zero Shooting Park is donating their entire facility to us for no charge so we can maximize our donation to SFA.  So be sure to sling some money their way while you're waiting for your run (or after you finish your run)!


Rent a 50 BMG and shoot it at 1,000 yds, rent some range time on their LR rifle course to verify your zero and dope, shoot a round of Sporting Clays, 5-stand, or skeet, buy some merch from their Pro Shop, or even just drinks and snacks.  At the very least - THANK THEM for making this all possible!


If you think there's any chance you might pull an item cool enough to need an FFL transfer off the prize table (there are several!), you might want to plan on staying an extra day.  Dead Zero will handle the transfer, but they typically are gone for the day by the time we finish the Awards Ceremony.  They can also coordinate shipping to your FFL - but you cover the shipping cost.  And unfortunately, shipping anything that could be considered a "pistol" (like an AR-15 lower) is stupid expensive.  Keep that in mind when you walk the prize table.


Check out their website at:  https://deadzeroshooting.com/ to look through all the options and plan your visit.



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We've had several people at past matches ask for more Legion SWAG, so we're going for it this year. 


$5 to SFA will get you a morale patch

$20 to SFA will get you a custom engraved whiskey glass

$20 to SFA will get you a t-shirt


And of course you can buy all three, or multiple of each if you want!


Add to that the beer donations and PVS-14 raffle already mentioned, and you really want to bring lots of cash with you to the match!  Remember there is no ATM anywhere nearby, so bring it with you or miss out.


Here's a proof of the patch and whiskey glass engraving:



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I'm thrilled to announce Alan's Arsenal LLC is returning for the fifth year in a row as a Title Sponsor, and is bringing over $5,000.00 in gear for the prize table.


And they're having a Labor Day sale on their website Sept. 2 - 7th.  What better way to thank them for supporting the match than by buying something on sale???  Be sure to tell them why you're there when you do -


Check it out at:  https://alansarsenal.3dcartstores.com/


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