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Different Hammers

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I have a stock standard Witness steel frame, and especially with guns and ammo being so hard to come by accessories are a good outlet for my hoplophilia. Aside from aesthetics is there any difference between the standard, Delta Xtreme, and Hart [Heart?] shaped hammers?

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Different hammer weights. The standard and heart shaped hammers are the stock hammers iirc and there's no difference in hammer hook geometry. 

The Delta Xtreme hammer has different hook geometry and is lighter than stock

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Titan hammer typically the go to one. Heavier, different geometry, shorter hammer hooks. Hits harder because of weight, less creep in single action.

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Don’t forget there’s also the unica hammer. 


2 ‘standard’ types. Heart shape and conventional shape

xtreme delta




Thats just the ones tanfoglio make. There’s probably aftermarket ones too. 

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On 5/5/2021 at 9:21 PM, Pippu_Paladin said:

What benefit does a lighter hammer have? If anything I'd think a heavier one would be desirable for reliability reasons.


Lighter hammers mean faster ‘lock time’. Ie since there’s less mass to accelerate it will fall faster than a heavier one. Of course being lighter it will also deliver less force at a given speed. 


bare in mind we are talking tiny differences and any benefit is likely so small as to be unnoticed. 


The bigger changes between the hammers comes from their geometry and the shape/length of the hammer hooks. 

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