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UM Tactical Rage for 9mm PCC?

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Anyone use one on 9mm? Kind of heavy. 


Got a used pinned & welded JP 9mm Super Match 14.5" 9mm barrel with a Rage Tactical adjustable comp attached. I have one on my PCC with the JP tactical comp. 


 Knowing that most comps don't do much with fast powders and having shot open 9/38S and tuned several AR comps I am familiar with how they work. 


This was setup up with max downforce, only got to zero it this weekend due to weather, but it shot dead on at 15 yards, but couldn't really shoot enough to see how it works. Will shoot a match this weekend. 


Any advice? Is it just a muzzle weight?



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After shooting this for about a month, here is what we have found.


This 9mm PCC comp actually works. With the adjustable segments you can get what gasses are available to have a certain amount of down force & movement. After playing with it I got it from torqueing the barrel right & down to a neutral push back and no dipping of the red dot. This is by using the different segments in sequence and experimenting with your load.


Now for the cons. It is on the heavy side. Not bad, but you know it is there. 


Seems to collect carbon & lead. I have had to clean it after every couple of hundred rounds and this is even after using factory ammo. It is fairly easy to clean, by removing the end and segments and then cleaning the ports. Segments don't seem to have any build up. Zero doesn't change after disassembly and reassembly.


Might be interesting to try on a 5.56. They are available in several different calibers. 



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