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Dont watch anyone else shoot a stage

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I recently have noticed that if I dont watch everyone else shoot the stage, especially in my division, I do better on the stage. Better really isnt the correct explanation but more like my run flows better, my mind is more clearly focused on the task at hand and my stage plan. I started doing this after shooting a few matches with a good friend and he actually turns his back to the stage when anyone shooting his division shoots. Just wondering if this is normal or I'm just overthinking it.

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It is a fairly common mistake for new shooters to change their plan when they are on deck, and the outcome is predictable, unless of course they just discovered a target or a popper they missed in the walk thru.  



While MLB is on the skids, I wonder if they watch each other bat?


Bottom line you will do your best when you make a good plan and stick to it.  As an example when I shoot single stack if something goes wrong and I end up doing an unplanned reload, I will do another to get back on the plan if I didn't that "mistake" would cascade thru the whole stage.  When you watch other shooters you might learn something and it might be a good thing.  



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I 100% watch everybody I can shoot a stage. They may have seen a better way that I missed or attack something differently than I was going to that is much more efficient. But it does have to look good before I change my stage plan

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On 5/3/2021 at 4:11 PM, ChuckS said:

The only time I agreed with this rule is when there were still major Revo shooters. Watching a 6 round friendly stage plan was mid numbing. 😳

That sounds terribly painful to do. 


Thanks for the input all. I guess I need to tweak my thinking a little. 

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That's something that changes based on your experience level, who you're squadded with, and what type of match it is. 


A new shooter might benefit from watching the local B/C shooters, shooting the same division, breaking down a stage. 


A new shooter shooting revolver might not get much out of watching Sailer break down a stage shooting an Open gun. 


Sometimes newer shooters make simple stuff look harder than it actually is. 

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