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200-230gr 38 special pin loads

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I’m considering using my S&W 686 this year for a bowling pin match.   My preferred bullet would be 200-230 grains in a 38 special case.  Typically people use Bluedot, TruBlue, #7, or #9 powder.  Yesterday I went to every dealer I know of within 2 hours and no one has a powder needed.  Most do not have any powder…  I do have WSF, WSL, and 2400.   Any suggestions?  I’d like to get the velocity above 850fps.   

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I've tried this years ago (15) using W 231.  My problem was I got different velocities if I first pointed the revolver to the ground then level 750 fps.  But if i pointed the revolver to the vertical then level 1300 fps.  A more volumous powder like trail boss might be better.

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Try Unique.  I've used it for heavy loads with 197 grain bullets that I had a special mold made for.  I was told to just keep adding more powder until I started getting better groups, i.e. 1 inch at 25 yards from a bench.  I don't recall the load but it was unbelievable.  


I've since sold all my casting and reloading equipment.  I gave the mold to a friend.  It was from LBT Technology.  He mostly makes flat point bullets but I asked him to make me a round nose and he made it for me.



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I know your not looking for this but, #7 and #9 work really well with this combo. I have also had good results with W572. Now for the powder you have, I tested 2400 a few months back these are the results I got. Bullets were a Bear Creek 230g, however 357 Mag Case 


these came out of a 627V Comp 


all 2400.  with 230 Bear Creek  In 357 MAG case 


8g Avg Vel 780' 

SD 18' 


8.5g Avg Vel 868' 

SD 30' 


I think more is left in the tank with this load, but that is far as I went. I would start around 6.5g and work up. 





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My first manual, a Speer from 1990 lists data for 200 gr loads and 2400 in 357 cases for revolvers.
OAL 1.590 200 gr TMJ 
Max 10.5grs for 959

min 9.4 for 833//

I am running 180 over WST in 357 cases at 720  but my league revolver is 5 pins back of table. 
I do want to eventually get a 627 and shoot it in our major ( 5 pins front of table) For whatever reason I shoot my 686 faster than my 1911.

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