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Deja Vu All Over Again (20-03)

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Does anyone have a video of them shooting Deja Vu All Over Again (20-03) with a time under 8.5 seconds? (Edit I wrote 9.4 earlier that was a typo)

This one seems really hard to snag an A let alone a GM hit factor on this one. It’s certainly conceivable but I’d love to see it.

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Typo in the time I wanted to see
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I don't have a video but have seen a 100% run, the key is NOT STOPPING for the poppers, 

the shooter I watched shot T3, T4, Steel 1,2,3,4, T1, T2.

Draw to T3 start moving on T4 shoot all the steel on the move then shoot T1 as you get to the fault line then T2 while falling out of the shooting area (stop your feet at the fault line not your body)

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6 hours ago, MWP said:

I believe that classifier came out of 20-02 that we shop at nationals. Is 9.4 the clean time on that for 100% run? 

Not close. 8.5 gives you an 75% A run when all 60 points are earned. 6.7 sec gives you enough to make GM.


The other, very similar 20 series are very easy to get a master run in ~9.5 seconds. But 20-03 has far mini poppers that have to be shot on the move.


It just surprises me that the (objectively) hardest classifier has the highest hit factor. Makes me think I’m missing some secret shooting it.

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It’s stage 2 for me in the pic.  It’s my second match ever and I shot that stage first and sucked 🤣. Damn no shoot. 

My second ever match was a qualifier match.  Pretty cool because I got my classification pretty quick.  I’m still learning and my 14yo son is doing it with me so that makes it all worth it. 


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