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My Last Match

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I've been shooting Carry Optics for 4 months now. It's been a while since I shared anything with the group so thought I would throw up video from this Sunday's match at my club. I've definitely seen some improvements in my shooting and things are finally started to gel and it's easier for me to identify what needs work and how to work on it. However, I wanted to hear feedback from the Enos Collective on what you think my training focus should be. 


By the way, I came in 6th of 33 CO shooters and 30th of 107 overall. 



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Tough without actually seeing the stages on the ground but make sure you are breaking the stages down efficiently. A couple of those (again, I wasn't there) there might have been some opportunities to remove some travel distance, or enter/exit better. 


Ditto for reload positions; you want that reload completely done before you get to that next position. Either polish those reloads a bit and/or pick different spots to do them. 

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm just seeing the replies. I didn't get notification for some reason. 


Some of the stages were tricky. You had to be in a specific spot to have line of sight on a target. There were 2 stages that I would have altered my plan if I shot it again but I don't know that it would have saved me a lot of time. Maybe a second but I realize that at this point, 1 second on a stage is huge. My stage times were pretty quick except for the couple where I had make up shots, like my first stage. But definitely understand the feedback and finding the most efficient way to tackle a stage is a work in progress. 


Your comment about the reloads is interesting. My reloads, with the exception of the last stage, I felt were pretty good. Not saying you're wrong but it was one of the things I felt I did well. Were you referring to the last stage or throughout the match?


Regardless, I agree that I should give where I reload more thought. Coming from Production division and be accustomed to min of 3 reloads per stage, the 1 reload on a stage for CO is sort of afterthought for me. I walk the stage, figure out my plan and then I just work the reload in without much thought. I will strategize a bit more of where I plan the reload. I see that on some of the stages, I unnecessarily planned the reload in places where positions were close, where there was a longer movement elsewhere that the reload would've made more sense. 


Again, thanks for taking the time to comment. 

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