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Reloading 38SC


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I’ve only got a few hundred made and can’t make anymore until I chrono and figure if it’s the 10, 10.25 or 10.5gr of 3N38 I need to make major. That won’t be for another month until the ranges reopen up here.


Every single one passed the gauge.  It’s a dream to load.  9mm took me forever to figure out and I still have the odd few match rounds that won’t pass.  40 ha!  I never got better than 90-92% passing the gauge. Infuriating!


Is it the jacketed open rounds I’m loading? Been using coated for years now for 9 and  40.

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19 hours ago, jcc7x7 said:


It's the jacketed bullets that make it a dream to load.

Coated is cheaper but jacketed is easier!!! 

Thanks Neil.


My gun has 4 popple holes and 2 ports.  The builder gave me a load for 124’s but I bought a load of Zero 121 .355 hollow points on a Black Friday sale.  So I added 1/4 grain to the 124 recipe only to get to 155pf.  I thought my chrono was off but my wife’s CZ was getting me 128-130 so that wasn’t it.  Oddly enough my wife found a 38SC round on the ground.  It was brand new brass like mine but the primer was a different colour and it looked like a 124.  It also got me 155.


as for AA7 VV is way easier to find and find locally so no hazmat!  I went online to look for AA7 a while back and didn’t find anything readily available 

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