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25 yard 10 shot at B8 target with EDCx9

sight in irons and RMR on Glock 45 MOS


Sight in Glock 43 irons 


bill reload drill with match pistol 


two reload two with match pistol 

1x6 with match pistol 


3 on 3 with match pistol 






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on 4/23/21:

Shot a total of 78 rounds.  Keeping round count a bit more conservative.  Used the SVI Infinity that is going to be my backup.  I need to double undercut the grip and change the sights (has Fiber optic rear sights and I'd prefer to have solid black rear sights that match my main gun).  Also the new followers that I put in my mags suck and don't lock back the slide, but don't let the slide go forward, so I'll go back to original followers. Mainly did some draw and single shot to A zone as well as draw and double tap, and draw and 6 rounds cadence.  Mainly just a day to go shoot the new pistol. 


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