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I am pleased (and a little terrified) to announce that
Alan Shepherd and I will be the new 3-Gun Match Directors at Dead Zero Shooting Park (https://deadzeroshooting.com/ in Spencer, TN). This is literally a world-class facility with jungle runs, 270° shooting bays, rifle out to 420 yds, and everything you can think of to make a top shelf 3-gun match. Many people drive 3+ hours to attend these matches - so don't tell me "it's too far"!

Alan has 28 years of experience shooting 3-gun and 8 yrs as MD or Co-MD at Middle Tennessee Shooters Club in Manchester, TN - so he's the brains of the operation and in charge of keeping my craziness in check. I'm bringing 20 years of competitive shooting experience and 4 years of RNG MD experience to the table, so I'll be mostly trying to keep up with Alan.

We'll be using the UML ruleset (
http://ussleagues.com/uml-rules/) with the EMG Low scoring penalties.

We will only have SIX more matches this year, so make plans to attend on the 3rd Sunday of April, May, June, July, August, and October. The Match fee is $25 - cash only. We will keep the round counts relatively low until the ammo shortage lets up - but that means we will come up with creative ways to challenge you every month while not just hosing tons of targets. Registration starts at 9:00am and shooting starts at 10:00am. All times are Central.

To always see the most up-to-date match information, be sure to "like" the
Dead Zero 3Gun page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/DeadZero3Gun). That will be our main mode of communication to competitors. Please be patient as we get everything changed over and started back up.

Our first match is next Sunday, April 18th. Plan to be there!

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Registration is open for the match this Sunday, April 18th: https://practiscore.com/dead-zero-april-multi-gun-match-sunday-april-18-1/register You don't HAVE to pre-register, but it sure does make our life easier. If you think there's any chance you might come - go ahead and register. It's way easier to delete you if you don't show than it is to add you at the last minute when you surprise us!

Round count is in the pic below. If you shoot it "as designed" you'll need to make 53 hits with your pistol, 41 hits with your shotgun (birdshot), and 42 hits with your rifle. Several of the targets can be shot with either shotgun or pistol, so I also included the round counts for those in case you're short on ammo or just curious. I always recommend people bring double the hit count - you know, JUST IN CASE YOU MISS.   🙂

Give me some notice if you plan to shoot 2-Gun and we'll see if we can find something for you to shoot at the Jungle Run stage.

Post up if you have any questions!


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Big thanks to you and Alan for stepping up.  I'm interested in checking this match out and hope to make a few of them this year. 

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On 4/24/2021 at 11:27 AM, Ryan N said:

Big thanks to you and Alan for stepping up.  I'm interested in checking this match out and hope to make a few of them this year. 


Thanks - we'd love to see you there!

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Registration for the Sunday, May 16th 3-Gun Match is now open! Please pre-register here if you even THINK you might attend: https://practiscore.com/dead-zero-may-3gun-match-sunday-may-16/register Walk-ons are always welcome, but pre-registering makes our lives easier.

I'm pleased to announce that we have an entirely new shooting location for you this month - along with a couple flying clays, strong and weak hand shooting, and a small handful of slugs. We'll still keep the overall round count low because of the stupid ammo shortage, but we'll raise the "awesome challenging stages" level enough to make up for it. Old School Outlaw Natural Terrain 3-Gun FTW!

2-gunners are welcome if you hate shotgun - just bring your rifle and pistol and whatever loadout you want to train in and join us!


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