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Drill & tap buckmark slide & frame

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So I am new to drilling & tapping...I have a thumb rest to be drilled into the frame (2 holes) and a single hole near the rear of the slide for the slide racker lever. I have a small decent drill press firmly mounted, the correct carbide drill sizes, starter taps & finishing taps for this project. I Will be using plenty of cutting fluid (tap magic). I am just curious if anyone has any tips for me, or any experience with drilling/tapping this gun alone. I am aware the material is hard. appreciate any and all input. Thanks in advance! 

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If you’ve a good live center method of holding the tap/tap-handle aligned with the drill press chuck and hand turning it in I would do that. Keep the same X,Y location when tapping as drilled (don’t move between steps unless you’ve a good dial/DRO), and back out half a turn (or when you feel the thread chip break off). Pull it all the way out and clean it out every 3 or so full turns. Hopefully you’re working with 6-32 or larger? I never was able to get my 4-40 taps to not snap in 416 stainless. 

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Get some Boelube from Amazon. It is the best for cutting and tapping harder steel and stainless. Run the drill bit as slow as you can, around 150 or 200 RPM if possible. That keeps the metal from heat hardening, which in turn makes it tap a lot easier.

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