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Howdy Y'all,


Native 2nd gen Austinite, 3rd gen Texan, and fellow (aspiring) gunslinger looking to get into rimfire steel challenge! I am in the process of building a JP22 AR with Aero M4E1 lower. Triggertech Adaptable AR 2-Stage Trigger, and probably a Magpul SL-K stock. I have not purchased the stock nor trigger, so I am open to recommendations/advice.


I am also looking to buy/build a RFPO gun, may a Volquartsen Scorpion or customized SW Victory, pobably with a c-more 8 or 12 moa railway with 90 degree mount. I don't have any of the pistol stuff yet, so also open to recommendations/advice.


Just getting a start, and very interested in receiving any and all competition advice.


- Mallard McDuck

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The most important aspect of any Rim Fire in SC, is that it runs 100%, everything else becomes a mood point if it don't run. 


My RFPO has a rail mount C-More in 6 moa, my open guns are side mores, the rail mount works fine for SC.  Finding the dot lol, just lock on to it while at low ready, arms up bang, not like drawing an open gun where muscle memory is everything.   When it comes to dots Buy once cry once.  C-More is a good solid choice, however it is old school and not sexy like the new micro dots.  I have a Romeo 1 on my CO gun, so far it is excellent.  Carry extra C-more batteries they don't last long.


Couple decades ago I went to my first SC match, I was completely humbled by an 86 year old woman shooting a Bersa Thunder.  Put some of your money into practice.

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