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Thankfully Match Rained out in 3rd Stage

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I'm a multi-decade shooter.  Like they say screwing up starts when you think you know how or everthing.


Maiden voyage of my new to me PCC.  I threw my trusty older than dirt EO Tech on it, grabbed my Glock open gun mags took it to the range tested every mag it was all good, even the new trigger I installed.


To the match, Stage one first two shots were good then I got the double feed, crap, had to pull the mag rock the the gun for it to fall out.  Continue 1st shot 2nd target good, then it started the EOTech would go lights out every 2nd or third shot.  My time was in the toilet with the double feed, but my hits were not all that bad, except for the last target on the stage 2 mikes, else all A's, go figure.


Found the round that double fed, nothing to see here but it is a JHP, all the round nose fed.  To the safe table took EOTec apart changed batteries beat on it, the light stayed on, good to go.


Stage 2 - Got all RN ammo in the mags ready to bring it, first few shots and I kind of felt relieved, then it started lights out lights on, if I reached up and pushed the brightness up button it would come on then soon as I fired a shot lights out.  Jammed up on the last target one shot to go.  Ok so I didn't take it saved 30 seconds, that is what you learn with  experience. 



Then I saw that the squad on the next stage was tearing down, I've shot lots of matches in the rain so it didn't occur to me I could be saved by the rain!


But to prove I love to be punished, I am taking my CZ Shadow SP01, safe queen for years, with its new Romeo 1 out to the next match to try Carry Optics.   I'm still trying to figure out how 4 years in the safe made my Open Gun shoot a foot low and 6 inches to the left, as tested after the match on a ransom rest and confirmed by my fried that does those 1000 yard shots.

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Welcome to the world of PCC. Started when PCC was just beginning in USPSA. Didn't have all the knowledge and options available today. Sounds like the first year of me shooting PCC until I figured out what works We shoot 3 PCC's now in USPSA & UML 3-gun and they all work 99.9% of the time.


Never was lucky enough to get rained out, I just suffered. 



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