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Getting Back into IDPA - Vest & Belt Suggestions

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So my schedule is changing in 2 months and I'll be able to hit some Saturday matches again.  I'd like to support the club I'm a member at some more so I'm thinking of shooting the IDPA matches.  They have a morning and afternoon session and you can shoot both.  I plan on shooting my Glock 26 in CCP to get more practice with my carry gun wearing normal attire...then gamer it up the other session.


Probably will shoot Carry Optics with my Glock 17 (I'd love to shoot PCC as that is what I shoot in Steel Challenge and USPSA but how I see some IDPA matches are designed they look like they would suck with PCC).


Looking for belt and vest suggestions.  I don't want to spend a fortune on some $100 vest but willing to spend some money (say $60ish or less if possible).  I've seen a lot of suggestions for the Shooters Connection IDPA belt and IDPA even links to it so I should be legal there but really stuck on the vest.


Also is there any issue using a 34/35 holster for my 17?  I also have a 35 I could shoot in SSP with downloaded ammo as it doesn't have much done to it or shoot it in ESP with my KKM conversion barrel if I ever chose to do so.

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I use the kore essentials belt that runs a round $50 for a vest I got a Amazon photographer vest that was a round $25.

A 17 in a 34 holster is good to go.

A 35 in ssp with 40 minor is a viable option but something I have no experience with. 

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You don't have to have a purpose made vest.

Problem with those dime store "photographer" and "fishing" vests is that they are short and might not cover your G34 holster. 

I recall one guy wearing an old suit coat with the sleeves taken out; another with the famous blue houndstooth check jacket that he donated to the Salvation Army every winter, took it off his income tax as a charitable donation, bought it back in the spring.  

A BDU shirt with the sleeves rolled up or cut off will work.

There was once a fad for Aloha shirts as concealment garments but that got to be racist or something un-PC.  

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Belt---any decent "carry" gun belt would work fine.  I'm partial to the Wilderness Tactical Instructor belt, but that's because I wear one just about every day. :)


For IDPA, your belt doesn't have to be any more complicated than that. 


Vest---as has been pointed out, the MAIN thing is that it is long enough to cover your holster.  I think I spent about $30 on mine...?  Something like that.  Whatever you get---my suggestion is lightweight and preferably vented across the back.

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I've had the same 5.11 vest for 8 years. No reason to change it. Belt I've been using the same Wilderness Tactical Instructor belt for 7 years.


PCC in any IDPA match makes it feel like you shot an entirely different match than the pistol shooters. Don't be afraid to try it.

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