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Alternative for pricey Ransom Rest

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The Ransom Rest is obvious the golden standard for precision testing your firearm. But also a very pricey piece of kit. (More than €1200 without insert, here in the Netherlands)

So I would like to ask, is there a less expensive rest, but of good quality on the market to testfire handguns up to 30 Yards? Maybe the Multi cal. steady rest?

I would love to test my handloads, but a Ransom Rest is out of my price range.


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The one thing bad about a Ransom rest is: you use it a few times then it sits collecting dust.  Better to just test your rounds off a rest or sand bags.   For pistol nothing better for me than about 5 small sand bags stacked to support the pistol and your hands.

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I have toyed with the idea of a club purchase and user rental arrangement. 


I think many of us would like to play with one if it wasn't for the price of admission.

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Several years ago, Midway, under their "Caldwell" house brand, sold a low cost Ransom Rest substitute for about $175.  Quality of construction was decent but nowhere near that of a real Ransom Rest.  It used the same inserts as the genuine Ransom Rest,  recoil was handled by a strong spring and return-to-battery was controlled by an air damper (like a screen door closer) so you didn't have to reset it for each shot.  The trigger was pulled by a lever controlled by a flexible cable in a housing with a push knob at the end.  In some ways it was better than the real Ransom Rest as it had both elevation and windage adjustments built in, reset itself between shots and you didn't have to touch the gun to fire it.   


I had one I bolted to a doubled base of 3/4" plywood and C-clamped it to a bench at my club   With a 1911 insert it functioned remarkably well.  The real downside, like the true Ransom Rest, was the cost of the inserts at about $60 each and you needed one for each type of pistol you wanted to test.   That could get real costly real fast and is probably the reason Midway stopped selling it and why most clubs don't have one.

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