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I'm Bill. Just joined again to see what's changed since I stopped shooting USPSA in the early 2000s. I shot in the 80s and 90s, mostly in SoCal and AZ (sectionals).


I built many of my competition pistols and shot exclusively Open. Now I just build what I can (retired, broke), when I can for carry and range toys. The shooting range near Sierra Vista AZ doesn't shoot USPSA, and the Tucson match is 3 hours each way. I'm too old and too slow nowadays anyway. :D


Now I'm just a hobby machinist who tinkers with firearms and casually shoots at the local range. Looking forward to see what has changed over the last 17 years or so. 


 A range toy and a carry pistol. Both 10mm.




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Welcome back, LOL too Old.   I remember my first steel match 15 years ago when an 86 year old lady beat me like a house cat with a Bersa Thunder.  I took 4 years off, came back recently and it is like starting over, which isn't that easy even though I'm still young at 72.   


I was at Sorry Gulch aka Sierra Vista back in the 1960's when it had one stop light and you had to hitch hike 6 miles out of town to get a real beer. 


I enjoy steel challenge, struggling in USPSA,  but you don't need a 10 mm for that, I'd suggest getting an optics ready 9 mm pistol and hang that Holosun on it, shoot carry optics, USPSA, Steel Challenge and even IDPA.  PCC is big these days, I bought one and plan to shoot my first match with it tomorrow, i think it will run, if I am the match anchor man so what I'll have fun.

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