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Will a non-ramped 1911 frame for 45ACP reliably feed 38 Super?

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Hi all.  I did a search but didn't find anything useful.   I have a alloy non-ramped 1911 frame for 45ACP and want to run a 38 Super upper.  One option I like is to run a non-ramped 38Super barrel on the frame to minimize frame work.  I'm hoping the shape of the 45 ACP ramp area will reliably feed 38Super ammo without modification.  Anyone have any experience with this?


If the 45 ACP ramp area won't work, what reshaping is required to reliably feed the 38 Super rounds in a non-ramped 38 Super 1911?



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Technically, I believe the frame ramp angle is a bit different on the 38 Super than the 45, but I'm not certain how critical it is.  Kuhnhausen may have details.


(How have you been?)



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I have a generic non ramped caspian frame. At one time or another it has had a 45, 9mm and currently a 40 S&W top..
Only issue I had was OAL . anything over 1.150 seemed to work fine.
I never did get it to feed factory 9mm hollowpoints but ran Win white box 115 FMJ's all day long. I see no reason it would run a 38 super

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