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92fs trigger weight modifications


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So I have a used 92fs ,that I have been tinkering with and have made many changes to get da/as pull weight down. I installed mcarbo pro spring kit, I have a 11 pound Langdon hammer spring , I have a ltt trigger bar. Currently I measure the pistols trigger pull weight at 5.11 in da and 2.5- 3 in sa. I have many cz's and just looking to get a trigger as nice as those any other suggestions or do I need a beretta 92x performance to get there. Was hoping to the da in the 4lb range and single just at 2 or below.

Thank you 

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On 3/22/2021 at 5:04 PM, Gobot said:

Would a aluminum 92x  trigger help because of the angle?

Just makes it a longer reach. Which in my experience makes the trigger feel heavier.


I took the trigger out of my 92XP and replaced it with a Wilson Combat short reach trigger. Much better for my medium sized hands. 


There's a lower powered trigger return spring, might shave a minute amount off the pull weight. Also offers the benefit of being easier to assemble.




Not sure what else you could do and keep it reliable, maybe (if you have the know-how), work on hammer/sear engagement (SA), cut coils off the hammer spring, shoot it and let it work itself in. Spring values will probably lower with use. 


Also go through the gun and eliminate/smooth any friction points.


BTW 5.11 lbs DA and 2.5-3 lbs SA isn't bad at all.

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I guess I am looking for a smooth trigger with take up and low pull weight , I picked up the match trigger and I am waiting for match hammer to be back in stock. I am liking where the trigger feel is going compared to where it started. 

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