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Lancer Magazines and Rifle Reloading?

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I was thinking about purchasing some Lancer magazines for 5.56 NATO and 300 BLK shooting.  However, I've seen just a couple comments on the internet that mentioned that the metal feed lips are pretty hard on the brass cases.  I guess they get scratched or grooved on the outside.  Is this a fact or concern for those who reload and own Lancer magazines?  Is it better to stick with PMags if you're reloading your brass?  Thanks.

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I use Lancer mags and I have found that there are no issues with the metal feed lips tearing up the brass? And as a reloader I would specifically not use them if they did.  In fact I specifically use Lancers in my .458 SOCOM because they work great and don't tear up the brass.  Yes they have metal feed lips but they are finished off smooth (not just a stamped out part with a sharp raw edge) and do not even scratch the brass?    

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