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Para-ordnance LDA strange problem


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I have an original p14-45 LDA with a trigger problem.   I have 2 slides, and with the original it is 100% flawless, but with the replacement (also a 14-45 LDA factory slide) I am getting what would be in a single action trigger bounce or Hammer follow.  3 to 4 times in a magazine the hammer follows and despite the name the LDA really isn't double action.  I know LDA slides are cut different than standard 1911, that's why I asked specifically sought out what that is presumably identical to my original.  


Right Now, my original slide is in, being cut for an optic, so I can't compare them yet, but I figured I would ask if anybody else here has had some experience with LDAs and might have an idea of what I should look at, because I have no clue where to even start.  



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What a difference a couple of months makes.  Ok, so here is an update, apparently my problem was a broken (breaking) hammer.  As part of a completely different project, I had sent this gun (with both slides) off to be refinished and have one slide cut for an optic.  I told the gunsmith what was going on, and we decided to have him do the work and then figure out what was going on afterward.  During the test-firing, my hammer actually broke, requiring a replacement.  With the replacement hammer installed, the problem is gone - without changing any springs or other parts, or doing anything else.  So, Shout out to Prasky Gunworks for some awesome work (yes, I know the slides are swapped in these pictures).






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