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Need to stake AR gas key

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I have replaced the original gas key with an adjustable gas key from Rubber City Armory.  I have torqued the new mounting bolts to 57 inch pounds.  Now all I need to do is take 10 minutes or less to stake the bolts in place.  I do not want to use a chisel to do this.  I want to use a purpose made tool like the ones offered by Brownells or Michiguns.  The thing is I think this will be a one time use tool and I don't want to spend the money to buy one.


I'm hoping there's some kind person in or near the Lehigh Valley region who has one of these tools that wouldn't mind letting me come over and spend 10 minutes using his tool.


Here are some pics showing the removal of the original gas key and images of the two tools I mentioned above.







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Another option is high temp low strength thread locker. Low strength so its not impossible to remove in future. If you place a dot of paint on bolt head and a matching dot on gas key so dots are next to each other, you will know if bolt has moved. Of course, totally unnecessary if you can locate a MOACKS tool.



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Check with local gun stote that has a gunsmith.
Several years ago I had a gas kee loosen on me. I checked with a shop that I’ve dealt with & he did all 3 of mine, using the priory device, for free. 

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there's this:



My personal score on staking vs following Young Mfg advice:

Staked keys: 1 came loose (FailZero), 1 broken screw (BCM) - both failures in the first ~2000 rounds

YM method: 0 have come loose, 0 broken (including the FailZero which is now using this method and solid ever since).




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