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3 hours ago, HesedTech said:


Wheel guns have different needs than auto feed.  If you haven't done it, pull some post reloaded bullets and check their diameter. You may find the swage factor of the FCD is wasting your .358 size.  


I use the FCD for my bottom feeders as well (coated still, sized 0.356 though) have never seen an issue in 10's of thousands of rounds. Do agree that the FCD could very well be swaging the brass covered portion of the bullets, but I honestly do not know any reason to care about that, accuracy is good, no leading (after I switched to 0.358's in the wheel gun only, major leading with 9mm sized coated, wheel gun barrel slugged at 0.357), bullets are not walking out of brass in the wheel gun. 



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5 hours ago, rooster said:

Something is amiss here. If your ammo checked good in the EGW but didn’t fit your barrel then your barrell is tighter than the EGW gauge. If your ammo fit the mark7 and worked in your barrel, then that gauge is tighter than your barrel. There’s nothing wrong with the gauges. You have to know that your gauge is tighter than your barrel in order to use them.


5 hours ago, jtaylor996 said:


I would guess the problem was bullet profile vs rifling, rather than case dimensions.

Yeah I'm not sure what exactly the problem was I just know that ammo is gone and I haven't had the issues since and I'm still using the EGW and everything has been good since

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