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SVI Infinity Tiki Ti (with pics)

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Just thought I would share this here! Hope its the right place!  
I was always fascinated with the ASP pistol by Paris Theodore when I first saw it in the late 80's the grips and the sights were just so cool!
I ended up modifying the grips and a few mags on my CCW back then which was an Italian Beretta 92F (I still have it)
About 10 years ago I saw the Tiki and it reminded me of the ASP sight concept so I was trying to find a used Tiki but I had no luck
Well I had a business deal which went really well and I decided to spoil myself and contacted SVI about getting a Ti Tiki.
By the time I got it all figured out and ordered my son was born and I had a custom serial # (initial and bday)
As I am a watch guy I have always loved the Patek saying "You never own a Patek, you are simply holding it for the next generation" So I bought a new ceramic green Rolex Submariner with the warranty card dated his Bday and in his name (it sits in my safe waiting for him someday in its shipping coffin), I ordered him a custom 22 NULA from Melvin Forbes (I have 2 of his rifles myself) and got him a custom serial # (initials and bday again) LOL hopefully he turns our decent if not I will sell it all in his mid 20's and buy myself something nuts.
ANYWAY back on topic
Just wanted to share the pics I have of it from when SVI finished and was shipping it to me.
Its an AMAZING gun, their machine work is unreal!
The Tiki is NOT a bullseye gun, the sights are meant for quick self defense and do the job very well.
It is not a gun for everyone but by nature and upbringing I crave unique things and it is something I have carried, would not think twice about carrying and am glad to have as part of my collection.






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